“Being asked to be best man is like being asked to make love to the queen. On the one hand it is a great honour, but you dread the moment when you have to rise to perform.”

This is a line from my best man speech. Not only did it get a big laugh, but it accurately sums up the emotions that most people feel when they are asked to be the best man at a good friend's wedding.

“Aw cheers mate, ....but now I am expected to stand in front of a room full of people and make a witty speech!!!”

Like millions of others, I have not only been through the ordeal of being a best man but also survived. With the benefit of hindsight I can see that all of the fears and worries I had beforehand were misplaced. I actually enjoyed the event when it finally came around, and even received some compliments when it was all over.

With the help of this guide I hope to share what I learnt along the way.

The biggest worry for most future best men is the big speech. There is a commonly quoted survey which found that public speaking was people's biggest fear, even ranking higher than death! With this in mind most of the help on website focuses on the speech, although the other aspects of being a best man are also covered.

Pick up some tips from the various articles on this site.

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